The innovated ŠKODA KODIAQ brings a series of improvements to the popular SUV, over 600,000 of which have been made at four plants in different parts of the world (the Kvasiny plant in Czechia and also in Russia, India and China). The new version wants to build on this success, offering customers state-of-the-art technologies including new engines or innovated equipment and upgraded assistance systems. The new and even more emotive design will be the key distinguishing feature of the rejuvenated KODIAQ SUV. The front has been given a more upright six-sided radiator grille and new, elevated bonnet. Other details have given the KODIAQ a more off-road look, especially the new bumpers. These are framed by L-shaped panels on both sides. Other noticeable features are the wider central air intake and aluminium-coloured details.

A palette of modern engines

The ŠKODA KODIAQ will now come with five engines: two turbo diesels and three turbo-powered petrol engines. All are part of the new EVO line, which places emphasis on low emissions. “The EVO engines in the KODIAQ combine superior power delivery with increased efficiency and lower CO2 and NOx emissions. The ‘twin dosing’ method of exhaust gas treatment applied in the diesel engines lowers nitrogen oxide emissions by roughly 80 per cent, while the petrol engines’ fuel consumption is reduced thanks to an injection pressure of up to 350 bar, among other things. In the KODIAQ RS, we are – for the first time – employing a petrol engine that, being more powerful and yet lighter, makes our sporty range-topping model even more dynamic,” explains Johannes Neft, ŠKODA board member responsible for technical development.

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